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Steven Crisp


Steven has been working with Amos since December of 2002.  He began with the Computational Ecology and Visualization Laboratory where his primary focus started with the Slow the Spread of the Gypsy Moth project. In support of that project, he develops custom software applications, web services to deliver near real time mapping of project data, and field maps to assist project activities. He also researches and develops the lab infrastructure of ASETS and administers the group of servers for the lab.

Prior to this he worked as a research biologist /supervisor for Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement and Headed the biology department for Tuscola County Mosqito abatement.


Obtained a B.S. in Earth Science with minors in Biology and Conservation  from Central Michigan University in 1992. Studied 10 graduate hours with MSU Geography in GIS, GPS, and Cartography. Obtains an ongoing variety of ESRI online training.

About Steven:

Steven and his wife Nicole recently had a son Charlie whom he enjoys spending most of his time with.  He has lived in Michigan most of his life and also enjoys home brewing beer and travel when there is time.

Contact Information:

Steven Crisp
Ph: 517-353-8522