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Project Description

The Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) is a project led by ASETS researchers in collaboration with partners in the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (Phyllis Higman) and Michigan Department of Natural Resources. By building on our existing partnerships, we are establishing the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network with the long-term goal of synergizing the efforts of individual citizens, organizations and agencies to identify and cooperatively manage invasive species in the Midwest region.

Role and Contributions

ASETS researchers are the primary developers of the geo-spatial information technology system driving MISIN. Specifically, we have designed and implemented the Oracle/ArcSDE geo-database which lies at the heart of the MISIN system. Additionally, ASETS has designed and developed the MISIN website; the map-based reporting module; the Adobe Flex map viewer; and the online species specific identification training modules (in collaboration with MNFI cooperators).

Project Significance

MISIN represents the most complete and open effort of managing and disseminating invasive species data in the Midwest region to date. MISIN provides an important means for the public reporting of invasives locations.


Doug Landis / MSU Department of Entomology
Phyllis Higman / Michigan Natural Features Inventory