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ASETS is available to provide technical assistance with the navigation of the wide range of spatial and information technology development and implementation possibilities that exist today.

The following services are envisioned in support of research, outreach, and teaching activities related to spatially-explicit ecological interests. Solutions can be developed using either proprietary and open-source technologies. Many major commercial software developers license their systems for domestic use only.

Open source technologies will typically be better suited for international projects due to the low cost of ownership and the ability to legally transfer solutions to international collaborators.


  • Consulting in project planning and execution
  • Data acquisition and preparation
  • Data assemblage and loading
  • Cartographic advising and design

GIS Modeling and Analysis

  • Customized ArcGIS Model Builder solutions
  • 3 dimensional data representation
  • Spatial trend identification

Database Development and Hosting

  • Spatial Geo-database design and hosting
  • RDBMS design and hosting
  • Web-based data exchange
  • Backup and recovery strategies

Custom Application Programming

  • Application design and deployment
    • Visualizing georeferenced data
    • Data handling and conversion
  • Customization of ESRI products
  • ArcObjects, AML, Python, and Visual Basic programming

Internet Mapping Development and Hosting

  • Map serving site design, installation and hosting
    • Public and secure solutions
  • Remote field data entry and management

HTML Development and Hosting

  • Basic web development
  • Dynamic web development
    • PHP, PERL, and ASP based solutions
  • Web site hosting

GPS Consultation

  • Equipment needs assessment
  • Training and implementation

Computer Hardware Design Consultation

  • Server and workstation design/construction
  • Large scale disk storage design/construction